Kadimah is inspired by our love of travel and forging new pathways in the world. This is where the brand’s name comes from. Kadimah means "forward” in Hebrew (and also happens to be the name of the town where our dad grew up). For us, Kadimah is not just a brand, it’s a philosophy - a means of continuously evolving, taking big leaps and moving forward with purpose and spirit. The journey never ends.  

Our vision was born in 2019 while exploring the streets of Amalfi, Italy and we’ve been working on bringing this labor of love to life ever since. Based in Los Angeles and inspired by the world, our pieces are designed to journey with you on your path to self-discovery. 

To the adventure-seekers, free spirits and wild hearts: let curiosity keep leading you down new paths.

Wherever you are on your journey, onward..

With love & gratitude,

nicole and michelle

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