We wholeheartedly believe in the concept of ‘Conscious Luxury’ and our pieces are designed with timelessness and longevity top of mind. We believe details matter, and are committed to supporting sustainable and ethical practices as we strive to reduce our impact on the environment. 

All Kadimah pieces are produced with ethical manufacturing partners. Our production complies with social, environmental and ethical regulations and our manufacturing partners meet the legal requirements of all labour laws. 

Our clothes are made consciously by skilled artisans. Beading and embellishments are hand embroidered using the traditional craft techniques of India, translated to Kadimah's modern bohemian design aesthetic. Some of our styles have up to 100 hours of hand work. The result is heirloom quality embellishments that you will treasure forever.

We use natural and recycled fabrics as often as possible. This is an ongoing effort for us, and a challenging endeavor for a boutique brand as the minimum fabric requirements are difficult to absorb.    

All dyes used in Kadimah pieces are safe for your body and the environment and have been screened for AZO components, heavy metals and any other toxic trace elements. All waste water from the dye process is treated before being disposed of by legal methods with no harm to the rivers and water sources we all share.

From Day 1, we refrained from using plastic in our packaging. We use compostable bags made from organic materials that easily break down, do not produce any toxic material and help improve soil health. When you receive a shipment from us, we not only care about the experience, but also that we have reduced our environmental impact.

Samples are a necessary part of the fashion industry and while many companies simply dispose of their samples, we donate ours to charities that help clothe women in need.

While these are only small steps in the right direction, we are committed to building on these initiatives as we grow as a business.

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